Replica Race Chassis

We were commissioned by a client to build a replica chassis for a prestigious Italian race car from the 1930s. They wanted to build a full replica of the vehicle to showcase and preserve some of its original and historical parts.

The project started with old photos, measurements, and a series of drawings and blueprints that were from various draftsmen over the years. It was a complicated and lengthy process to collate all of the bits of information into a 3d working CAD model.

From there we were able to cut out full-scale ‘Bucks’, solid 50mm thick steel formers, and start to slowly form the chassis material over them. Our skilled craftsmen used a combination of hydraulic pressing and hand hammer work to precisely shape the final metal chassis rails over the bucks after which they could be removed and refined.

In this way we were able to recreate the way in which the original chassis would have been built, from single large pieces of shaped steel. We have put a great deal of time into researching modern equivalents of 1930s steels which are unfortunately no longer in production, to best match the characteristics and feel of the original chassis.

Although it is by far a longer and more expensive process by taking care to research and recreate the historic methods and materials, it ultimately leaves you with a product that is close to if not identical to the original chassis.

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