St Georges Hill Golf Club

As part of a huge refurbishment of the outdoor spaces and terraces at the Famous St Georges Hill Golf Vlub in Weybridge, we were asked to design and install a large package of bespoke hand-forged railings to compliment the clubhouse building and surrounding landscape.

It was important that the railings didn’t dominate or detract from the historic building and grounds but at the same time, they had to be sympathetic, well made, and of course provide a practical purpose.
We utilised our ‘house style’ octagonal forged posts and integrated them in a number of different ways around the site, the handrail that we chose was made in one continuous unbroken run, finished in a smooth satin black paint.

Mild Steel 30mm octagonal forged posts, 12mm hexagonal posts, 50mm x 30mm ‘frogs back’ profile handrail.
Satin black 2-part epoxy paint finish
Approximately 90m of handrail at 1100mm, 900mm and 450mm heights.

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